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Sky — The Boundary of Limit

Divide the infinity to know the possibilities of your inner self.

Day 7 of PWG is not complete without discussing our limits and what is the true potential. In this attempt, I wish to discuss the ambiguity of life by comparing it to the sky. Being humans we always compare something limitless to the beautiful sky as it is vast, wide and unlimited.

In this way of expressing our lives, we can categorize this topic into 4 different perspectives. I will try to get into each of them in this writing as this goes on.

  • Sky as Love
  • Sky as Science
  • Sky as Possibilities
  • The sky as Beauty & Danger

Let’s take a look at one by one and will find out how we can see the limit and its boundary that we follow in our daily life.

Sky as Love

Remember the childhood we spent. What do you remember when you think of a calm emotion that you spent with your family when your father took you to the planetarium or your mom forced you to eat your dinner by showing moon at the sky? Those are epic moments that we spent where the sky is a part of our lives. This is the first chapter in our lives about the sky.

For the next part, let’s travel a little further to the meditation class we took for the first time which was taught by your fitness teacher or by your mom herself. The first step they tell us about imagining a sky with clear sights saturated with blue around you. We fell in love with that feeling and ever since, we only imagine that feeling in our meditation to sever our link to distractions.

Every day we fall in love with a bright clearer sky and we love to expand our visual when there is a rainbow in it as soon after the rain stops.

To make this more touchy, I further move on to decipher our basic feeling of love and introducing the sky in our love of life. Imagine the person you love the most beside you and you both had a perfect date together. At the end of the day, assume the situation as you both traveling to witness the northern lights across the sky which is spread all over. The person is sleeping on your shoulders and you both are witnessing that beautiful aurora from the sun which is converted by the earth’s atmosphere as northern lights. Feels wonderful, right? Feel this moment for the next 10 seconds by closing your eyes. I hope it is worth the time no matter how much you are disconnected from the imagination.

This defines the love we have toward the sky and how it helps to make our lovely moments much more extraordinaryThere is one more entity that makes our happiness complete, i.e Music

Sky as Science

This time we are going beyond love to know the reason what makes us love the sky and its color. I want you all to know about the color of the sky. It is blue, right? you guessed it correctly but why? what makes the sky beautiful? Let us understand the reason for its color,

Blue light from the spectrum is scattered in all directions by the tiny molecules of air in Earth’s atmosphere. Blue is scattered more than other colors because it travels as shorter, smaller waves. This is why we see a blue sky most of the time.

Light from our sun is the combination of VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red) 7 colors combined to create white light. Due to the earth’s atmosphere, blue is scattered the most and we see sky color as blue.

Have you seen the red or orange-colored sky? Search your memories, scan your imagination. Think of a beach, which is one of the main reasons you go for a beach or go for trekking above mountains before sunrise or sunset? Just to witness painting of colors all over the sky with the beautiful spectrum of Orange and red scattered from the sunlight when the sun is rising or setting at the horizon. I love the view and the intensity of it.

As we remembered or wished to be present at the northern lights with the most amazing person in our life, let me tell you the reason for this wonderful phenomenon. Wikipedia says,

An aurora sometimes referred to as polar lights, northern lights, or southern lights, is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, predominantly seen in the high-latitude regions. Auroras are the result of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by the solar wind.

We do find some interesting answers when we look at the sky every day where we see lights from distant stars which are thousands of light-years away from us. Lots of dots look like they all painted across the sky.

Sky as Possibilities

I kept a timer to write this article and contained my brain to complete this within 2 hours. I know this makes me less efficient and more errors. Still, I take more than 2 hours to complete this and I know deep within that efficiency of mine cant be contained. The sky is limit for my endless writing which I am trying to convey to you. When we cloak the possibilities inside our minds, we often feel to uncover it. My mind is contained and keeps telling me to get it done quickly but, I am pushing the limits to get the results what I am expecting it to be.

As we understood how those lights are formed in the sky and the reason for its color, now it is the time for us to know the potential of the vastness. We can make our life better by comparing it to the sky. Every human has 7 sins to win over or to be a slave of them. Looking at the sky when we feel depressed or observing what lies above us, makes us expand our thinking.

We fight for our deadly sins every day (pridegreedlustenvygluttonywrath and sloth). Just look at the sky like a human mind. Till this point, we have only known to the beauty of the sky and how it makes our life easy to lead by living in it with vastness. Whenever you feel like we are the workers of those sins, just look at the sky and the broadness it has. It gets cloudy, rainy, sunny, and stormy but it never loses its property of being calm and broad. When the situation changes, we get to see the bright calm and clear sky all the time. Believe in this philosophy will make us fight with our sins.

Consider the possibility of a human mind and connect it to the sky which lies above you. Better the connection, higher the possibilities to live a life away from those sins.

The sky as Beauty & Danger

The final point to write about the sky and this connects to the above three of them. Love, Science, and Possibility always contribute to beauty and danger. We heard about dangers happen in those fiction movies, novels, and dreams. The sky is beautiful to look at from distance and as we approach near to it, mankind can’t survive its wrath and the phenomenon happening in it.

We see auroras, falling comets, stars, planets, moon, nebulae & several celestial objects which are beautiful to look at every night. We celebrate festivals by launching beautiful lanterns in the sky which makes it so beautiful to watch as it travels through space. More of the lanterns beautiful the night sky will be. To extend the beauty, we also observe kites where we all enjoy playing in the day time by hosting competitions and also in some places we conduct festivals with thousands of different types of kites flying across the sky scattered.

I remember a festival in Sumpango, Guatemala. In this festival, people host Massive, Gorgeous Kites in the sky, The kites are exhibited before they fly. They are massive. Some are more than 50 feet across.

Image for post

These Kites are Lanterns that are among those sources of humans to adopt the beauty of the sky that is being provided by the universe. We typically measure the beauty of the sky by loving as lovers, exploring as scientistspossibilities as who we are. The danger is caused by different natural anomalies like Storm, Raining heavily, thunder and lightning.


Whenever we think of the sky and the possibilities of it, we often enjoy flying in it like an eagle and it is the sign of freedom. We go for skydiving, paragliding and we travel all over the sky. Every celestial body in this universe which has an atmosphere constitutes a sky. Our planet got one as well. We love it, we travel in it and we live under it. It is the symbol of broadness and the pronoun of the universe. We share love, life, danger, beauty and humanity in it. That makes our sky special and wonderful. Of course, it has all the organic elements which support life.

Every living creature is a part of our sky’s journey to stay broad and explore the possibilities we drive through our emotions and compassion by all means of natural laws that govern our movements. In the end, all that matters is, the sky makes us feel happy and free. When you feel remorse, just imagine yourself flying in the clear blue skies.


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